VU® is the verbal Source of “See” in French. for Example in “déjàvu”, “déjà” means Already and “vu” means Seen, so Déjàvu means Already Seen. also in English by combining two letters “V” and “U” verbal similaritiy to ” VIEW” word will be created


Yellow is the most visible color from distance, so it is often used for objects that need to be seen, such as fire engines, road maintenance equipment, school buses and taxi cabs. It is also often used for warning signs

Simple Idea is often Repetitive
Do not be Repetitive!

All activities which caused a Name with some specific protocols, bond with cultural,social,economical and comercial features, so it will be in Branding zone.But also We think clients should believed that the brand LOVEs them…

We are not liars!
But we do things that believe in your lies

Every romantic phrase might come cliche one day and cliche is going to be paled any relationship. In Client-Brand relationship, brand won’t get any harms unless to be the BELOVED! Because the truth is : LOVERs have not any excuses. So make the clients LOVE your brand.




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